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This page contains some pictures of my Raptor helicopter.

And this is a link to my impression of how a Raptor would look with a scaled-down canopy from a Millenium - Much better!

I also came across the following model definition file for RealFlight Deluxe. It seems very realistic, although I can only confirm that for hovering from the real world so far. Raptor RFD link is www2.1starnet.com/mprewitt/rfd.htm








This shows my LMH-110 for size comparison.

Metal Swashplate and Longer Mast

I recently purchased a Quick UK all metal swashplate. I found the the mast and elevator A-frames needed to be 4mm longer to avoiding binding at full negative pitch. This page has more information and some pictures of the mods made.

More Metal Upgrades

Following on from the Quick UK swashplate, I've now added most of the available TT metal upgrades and a Quick UK rear tail servo mount. The following are a few pictures after these mods.


 This page was last updated on September 06, 2006

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What's New (reverse order)

LiPoly Cells
MS CP Hornet and Lokam LiPoly Cells.

CP Hornet
CP Hornet and C/F Fin.

Multiplex TwinJet.

Metal Raptor
Full Metal Raptor (well nearly!).

HH Hornet
Addition of a heading-hold gyro to the Hornet.

Photos of my new Hornet micro-heli.

Raptor Swashplate
Raptor metal swashplate and longer mast

Making Progress 
Now onto loops, rolls and flips. Nice to see both the Raptor and Millenium doing aerobatics.


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