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Welcome to my Model I/C Planes Page!

Here are pictures of some of my models:-

This is the HiBoy Turbo trainer that I learnt to fly with.

And this is my second model, a Sportsman 45L

My Weston Mini-Jazz

My Avicraft Panic

My Mini-Delta 2000 powered by Jett 50 - very fast.

Kyosho Cap 232.

Thunder Tiger Extra-Fun.

Weston Cap-232 powered by Super Tigre G20/23 with in cowl silencer.

Glen's Models 30% Sukhoi SU-26 powered by Zenoah 74cc boxer engine.

Same model to give some idea of its size - Wingspan is 92 inches!

The inevitable Spitfire powered by a Super-Tigre 90.

An Excitation fun-fly powered by a Super-Tigre G23.

My Kyosho Majestic 1400 powered by an OS 46FX.

And a Multiplex TwinJet running Cam Speed 4.7x4.7 props on 480 motors and 8 cells. Not bad for electric I suppose, but could do with a LOT more power. May well get an i/c conversion in the future.


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What's New (reverse order)

LiPoly Cells
MS CP Hornet and Lokam LiPoly Cells.

CP Hornet
CP Hornet and C/F Fin.

Multiplex TwinJet.

Metal Raptor
Full Metal Raptor (well nearly!).

HH Hornet
Addition of a heading-hold gyro to the Hornet.

Photos of my new Hornet micro-heli.

Raptor Swashplate
Raptor metal swashplate and longer mast

Making Progress 
Now onto loops, rolls and flips. Nice to see both the Raptor and Millenium doing aerobatics.


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