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I wanted a heli that would be able to withstand arguments with terra-firma with little damage because I really HATE crashing. I know this is illogical, and is slowing me down, but I seldom do it with my fixed-wing models and don't want to do it with my helis either.

Reading the news-groups prompted me to get a Lite-Machines 110, and I've made a number of modifications as suggested by various sources:-

1) I replaced the fragile standard canopy with one from a Concept EP made from 'car-bumper' material. To mount this I added a simple plywood stand-off mount behind the mast (see pictures).

2) I wrapped the tail-boom with insulation foam tubing to prevent 'dings' to it caused by impact from the rotor-blades.

3) Having test-flown the 110 on my back lawn, I removed the Arlton mechanical gyro from the tail, modified the tail pitch drive with a couple of collets, and added a Futaba GY-501 gyro on a plywood platform on top of the crutch. The Arlton gyro had a terrible throttle to rudder coupling which I have almost eliminated with the 501. It also gives me heading-lock which I always use!

4) I found I couldn't get above 40% gain with the Topaz servo I had on the tail, so decided to order a Multiplex micro speed MC/V2 servo for the tail. Having fitted this, I can now get the gain up to 60%. I think that to improve it any further I will need to mount the tail servo at the rear of the crutch (or on the boom) to get a shorter pushrod. As there doesn't seem to be any play in the existing pushrod, the other possibility, or even probability, is that the flexible LMH tail blades are now the culprit.



Two pictures of the 110 with the Concept EP canopy.

This one shows the plywood mount I added behind the mast to mount the Concept EP Canopy.

And the plywood mount for the GY-501 on top of the crutch assembly.

And this is the mod. to the tail pitch assembly using two collets and one of the existing drive arms.


First flying session with the LMH

Today I took the LMH for its first flying session at Windsor Great Park. How else can I describe it but FANTASTIC!

During the 8 flights I made of some 8-10 minutes each, I managed to progress from tail-in hovering to Lazy-8's and then on to something resembling true Figure-8's. I noticed that the tail still wagged slightly when the tail was pointing into the fairly strong wind, even with the gain at its best value of 40% - maybe the faster servo will help.

At this point a bit of over-confidence caused my first 'heavy-landing' when I tried to do a nose-in landing - resulting in the heli on its side and the vertical tail fin knocked off at the cyano joint. The engine was still running so I decided to simply pick up the heli, put the blades back in position, and take off again. It flew perfectly, and I can't say I noticed any difference without the tail fin. What other heli would have survived even such a minor crash without substantial damage?

Towards the end of the session I managed to get on to oval circuits in front of me, in both directions, and started flying figure-8's the 'other way round' with the heli going away from me in the centre of the 8.

I finished the session when the batteries got too low to fly without yet another charge and left feeling that I had made some real progress at last.


First flights with Multiplex servo.

Have now fitted the faster servo and a 1600mAH NiMH battery pack. Gain can now be turned up to 60%, and I managed to get in a couple of flights during the week just before it got too dark.

Discovered that the LMH doesn't have any reserve in the blades if the engine cuts. First time, a slightly lean mix caused a cut at about 10 feet - The heli fell like a brick, but stayed the right way up and just bent its undercarriage - Fire up and fly again.

Second time, I deliberately ran out the dregs of the tank at a mere 1 foot off the ground. The heli still bounced hard from that height. So, obviously try not to have an engine cut in flight, one of the disadvantages of a fixed-pitch heli.


RealFlight Deluxe Model.

I have now setup a model of the LMH-110 for RealFlight Deluxe, which you can download as LMH-110.heli. Copy this to your RealFlight\Planes directory and see what you think. If RealFlight doesn't show the model in the heli/airplane list then make sure that your browser hasn't added a .txt extension.

The LMH-110 model shows a very marked tendency to pitch up when slowing from FFF. If any RFD experts have any idea how to cure this then please let me know.


Second full session with the LMH

Took a couple of hours off work today due to the unusual dry weather (we're water-logged here in the UK), and had my second full session with the LMH and came away feeling I'd made real progress again.

This time I managed to get on to rectangular circuits, side-on take-offs (but not landings yet), tight figure-8's with the heli virtually on its side and pulling G fun-fly plank style, nose-in hover down to about 10 feet with the wind on the nose of the heli for minutes at a time, and some passable stall-turns and loops (actually figure-9's) to finish. The 'loops' are pretty scary with the LMH as the thing gains very little height in the 'up' portion and falls a VERY long way on the down portion with the most incredible (good) blade noise. I wouldn't like to try and roll it, despite Lite Machines claim that it's possible, so that will have to wait for the Raptor.

I did have a few 'heavy-landings' during the session, the last of which happened when I inadvertently ran out of fuel at 30 feet (I was enjoying myself so much I honestly didn't hear the timer) and the heli fell out of the sky. It fell into some pretty soft ground with NO damage and I carried on flying.

I also had a few 'hard takeoffs' when trying to take off nose-in! I think I'm going to have to make up some trainer gear before I try that again.


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