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Having owned a Piccolo, I was very interested when I heard of the Hornet micro helicopter. This promised to be a micro-heli that could be flown outdoors, unlike the Piccolo.

My experiences so far indicate that, whilst a lot better than the Piccolo, it still needs a fairly calm day for outdoor flying. The wind certainly does affect it in all axes, and I find it quite challenging to hover and do simple circuits in my back garden in a moderate wind.


A picture of the Hornet on its heli-pad. Futaba 9Z transmitter shows how small the Hornet is.

The Hornet ready for lift-off for its first flight.

Close-up view showing the 'aileron' and 'rudder' servos.

RHS detail view.

RHS view.


Modifications for a Heading-Hold Gyro

After modifications to fit a Futaba GY-240 heading hold gyro. The gyro is mounted on a thin carbon fibre plate that is fixed to the top of the 'aileron' servo with double-sided tape. This mod. adds some 20gm to the 260gm of a basic Hornet, but still gets nearly 6 minutes of continuous hovering on a standard 700mAH pack. I found I needed to set the gain at about 50% because of the amount of flex in the tail pitch assembly.

Flybarless CP Conversion a la Walt Ferrar

I made a 120 degree swashplate from aluminium using a home-made CNC conversion of a cheap X-Y table mill/drill. The mill is not up to the best of commercial standards, but more than adequate for the job in hand.

Carbon Fibre Tail Fin

Using the CNC mill, I made up a carbon fibre tail fin from a picture I'd seen on the Hornet message board.

The DXF file for the toolpath generation is here

images/HFinTP.dxf and the g-code file is here

images/HFinTP.txt .  They assume a 2mm cutter for all cuts


Official MS Collective Pitch Kit with Kokam LP1020 LiPoly Cells

After a long break because of real work, I got my Hornet converted to the official MS collective pitch setup. I was getting disappointing flight times with a Hacker / Phoenix10 / 10 tooth setup on 3 Kokam LiPoly 1020mAH cells so thought I'd rig up a discharger to check out some discharge curves :-

From what I can tell, the LP1020's are happy at 2Amps but certainly not at 3. Looks like a 2S-2P pack with a higher number of teeth on the pinion might be a better bet for the slightly "lardier" hornets like mine (AUW with 3 LP1020's is 300gm).

E-Tech 1200 LiPoly Cells

Just received some of these new cells and made up a 3S pack to check them out. MUCH better than the Kokam 1020's and gave me 19 Minutes of hovering on the symmetrical blades. Discharge curves show that these are completely happy at the necessary 3 Amp constant discharge current:-


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LiPoly Cells
MS CP Hornet and Lokam LiPoly Cells.

CP Hornet
CP Hornet and C/F Fin.

Multiplex TwinJet.

Metal Raptor
Full Metal Raptor (well nearly!).

HH Hornet
Addition of a heading-hold gyro to the Hornet.

Photos of my new Hornet micro-heli.

Raptor Swashplate
Raptor metal swashplate and longer mast

Making Progress 
Now onto loops, rolls and flips. Nice to see both the Raptor and Millenium doing aerobatics.


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