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Concept-EP helicopter.

I wanted an electric heli so I could practice hovering man oeuvres on my lawn. Unfortunately, the Concept EP is far from easy to fly, and looks very fragile to boot, so I've put it to one side till I'm totally happy hovering on the LMH-110 and the Raptor.


Concept Rotor Head Mods.

I had found the Concept EP-SR VERY difficult to hover - it would lurch one way, I would correct, and it would then lurch the other way! I thought it was down to my inexperience, but now, after looking at it again after flying the lighter LMH, I'm sure that it was a problem with the ARTF version that I bought.

If you have the ARTF version, then you need to dismantle the head assembly and do the following:-

1) Scrape/sand the molding flashes from the control balls on the flybar teeter unit.
2) Scrape/sand the molding flashes from the pivot points of the teeter unit where they go into the pivot bushes - make sure that these are a smooth easy rotating fit in the bushes.
3) In my case I also had to reduce the thickness of the teeter bronze bushes to get rid of excess friction caused by preload of these bearings in the main head molding.
4) Carefully use a pair of pliers (I've just ordered a JR ball-link resizer) until EVERY balllink that moves on the entire head/mixers/swash plate assembly moves smoothly and without any binding or friction.

I haven't yet finished reassembling the EP yet, as I'm awaiting the mini-servo mount kit so I can save some weight with smaller servos, but I have absolutely no doubt that the work detailed above will transform the performance of this model.

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