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About Me...

I'm a graduate electronic engineer who has spent all of his working life in the computer industry.

I started out with hardware design for a mainframe manufacturer, before moving to low-level assembly and micro-code programming. Taking various promotion opportunities saw me working for a time on the European Space Agency program in Darmstadt, West Germany) and later as area manager for ICL Dataskil responsible for the small to medium operating systems and consultancy.

Since then I've worked as Technical Director and General Manager of several small to medium size firms, before setting up my own hardware/software design company which now focuses on the Legal software market in the UK. Our Legis-3 product is seen as one of the best of its type, and is used by some of the major players in the Uninsured Loss Recovery and Personal Injury fields.


When I'm not glued to a PC or notebook, I have a keen interest in flying model airplanes - from fun-fly to gas-turbines, and more recently started learning to fly model helicopters. For more details - go here.

After years of listening to Kenny G playing the saxophone, I recently bought a soprano sax and am currently learning how to play. I also bought a keyboard to allow recording of midi backing tracks. For more details - go here.

I'm also keen on performance cars, and even bikes. Go here to see some of my recent machines

What's New (reverse order)

LiPoly Cells
MS CP Hornet and Lokam LiPoly Cells.

CP Hornet
CP Hornet and C/F Fin.

Multiplex TwinJet.

Metal Raptor
Full Metal Raptor (well nearly!).

HH Hornet
Addition of a heading-hold gyro to the Hornet.

Photos of my new Hornet micro-heli.

Raptor Swashplate
Raptor metal swashplate and longer mast

Making Progress 
Now onto loops, rolls and flips. Nice to see both the Raptor and Millenium doing aerobatics.


Site under Construction


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